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John Fansler

Software Engineer - Network Specialist



John Fansler attended Bauman University and obtained his Master of Science in Software Engineering in 2009. He brings over 15 years of experience in PHP to the table to develop your system from the ground up. Some of John's specialties include Machine Learning, PHP 7, and AWS.

Whether you are looking for someone to consult with your team or a freelancer to get things up and running, John can take care of your technical needs and get you on the right path. However, he is only available for freelance and part-time consulting at this time.

John can employ the following Technologies to develop your system:

  • PHP 7
  • MySQL/Aurora
  • HTML5
  • Javascript and jQuery
  • React
  • Linux - Ubuntu/CentOS
  • AWS administration
  • Swift 4
  • React Native
  • Jira
  • Git

All these technologies can be combined to do the following for your projects:

  • Build a dynamic, mobile-centric website
  • Make your website interactive and relevant
  • Upgrade your technical stack for security and redundancy
  • Leverage new techology for speed and efficiency
  • Develop a release system for your company through consultation with your team on Agile processes
  • Test existing services both for security and usability
  • iPhone mobile app development
  • Cross-platform (iOS ' Android) mobile app development

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